• Hadley, Michigan's Mike Hartwig

    Hadley, Michigan's Mike Hartwig brought a new breed of speed to professional motocross in the mid 70's. Here is the chance for you to read about the up and then down career of one of the fastest motocross racers in the world.

  • Robbins Sportcycles

    Robbins Sportcycles

    Robbins Sportcycles were the first Husqvarna dealer East of the Mississippi. Read their story!

  • Denny Bentley

    Denny Bentley

    Denny Bentley had a stellar amateur moto career. And then he turned pro. Now you can catch up with Bentley and learn why his pro career came to a sudden and unexpected end.

  • 1976 AMA 125 National at Midland, Michigan

    1976 AMA 125 National at Midland, Michigan

    This killer shot by Kevin Shea is of the 1976 AMA 125 National at Midland, Michigan. I've wandered back some thirty seven years to re-cap that thrilling day.

  • Dave Hollis ~ 1982 AMA Trans U.S.A Champion

    Dave Hollis ~ 1982 AMA Trans U.S.A Champion

    Dave Hollis won the 1982 Trans-U.S.A Championship. How did he do it? Where is he now. I interview Dave and give you his insights, along with original race reports and results in what was the end of a fantastic era of motocross racing.


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Feb 2014 14

R.I.P Gil Engels

Posted in R.I.P Michigan Mafia Racers

JOHN GILBERT ENGELS Of Dexter, Michigan, formerly of Grosse Pointe Farms age 83, died February 14, 2014 in Ann Arbor. He was born April 18, 1930 in Dearborn, Michigan , the son of Hans & Gertrude (Krebsbach) Engels. Gilbert worked ...

Feb 2014 09

Site Update February 2014

Posted in Site Updates

I have been working hard to get some new content up on the site. The Dave Hollis 1982 Trans U.S.A piece is up, there is a new piece on the 1976 Midland AMA 125 National. I am also working away ...

Dec 2013 30

Dave Hollis – 1982 Trans U.S.A Champion

Posted in MI District 14 Rider Stories, Motocross

So for some time after I began working on the Michigan Mafia website, I began thinking about some of the Michigan riders that I would like to write about. Dave Hollis is one of the guys who was on ...

Dec 2013 15

Signing up on Motoscribble

Posted in Site Updates

Effective 12/2013 I am no longer accepting the following email domains: hotmail.com, outlook.com If you use one of these email addresses I apologize. These two account domains generate 99% of the spam that comes through the site. If you are currently ...

Dec 2013 10

1976 Midland AMA Motocross

Posted in Moto History Stories, Motocross
1976 Midland Michigan AMA National Motocross

This beautiful image was taken by Kevin Shea. Kevin gave the photo to Steve Savo who has donated it to the website. Considering that Michigan was top three in the numbers of dirt bike's sold it was no shock ...

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